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AirPod Replicas in the truest sense have also flooded the market. With so many of them available, it is quite a chore to find and create a list of the Best AirPods Clones. So today at xiaomitoday we’ve sorted it for you by compiling the Top 5 Best Airpod Clones 2019 that are Worth Buying.

Looking for the Best Cheap Airpod Alternatives? The one’s that won’t cost you much but will sound amazing?

Our Picks: Best AirPods Replicas 2019

i12 TWS Airpods Clone: The best till date

i12 TWS Airpods is one knockoff that has earned the title of the Best AirPod clone. Learning from the flaws of previous devices like i7, i9, i10 and i11, the i12 has perfected the AirPod clone design in an as cheap and similar manner as possible. From even the LED lights on the charging case to the way the earpods are themselves, cloning the AirPods is something the i12 has tried in one of the best ways possible for a clone. With features like auto on and off which was absent in the previous models, the i12 tries to bring the AirPod design to an average Joe with a budget.

The stereo enhancement present in both the earplugs make it way better than the previous version which had mono stereo enhancement and the microphone was attached to only the right earplug. All these features and the battery life of the i12 at the price it is available makes it the Best AirPods Clone available in the market now

The Good:

  • Stunning Sound Quality
  • Almost Perfect Clone
  • Uses Raychem 5.0 Processor
  • Super Lightweight and Extremely Portable

The Bad:

  • When no music is playing there is a small disturbance heard
  • Requires 1 Hour of charging Time

Spec Sheet

Bluetooth Version:: v5.1
Battery Life: 4 hours
Transmission Range: 10m
Chipset: Raychem 5.0
Stand-By Time: 100 Hours

Price: $29.9


i10 TWS Airpods Replica: The Perfect Airpods 2 Clone!

At a time when rumors of the AirPods 2 are surrounded with possibilities of wireless charging, the i10 is one of the AirPod clones on gearbest which is already equipped with the technology. The case of the i10 can be wireless charged. The i10 falls short on the issue that only the right earplug has the microphone attached to it, rendering the left one useless on its own. Other than that, the i10 is another AirPod clone which earns its place on this Top AirPods clones list.

The i10 TWS Airpods is a function-first product. It vows on the fact to deliver great performance and stays as an excellent performer for the price it is tagged in. If you are looking for an Airpod alternative that delivers great performance at a lesser price then the i10 TWS wireless earbuds are a great choice of Cheap Airpods.

The Good:

  • Really good Sound Quality
  • Made for Audiophiles
  • Touch Control
  • Supports wireless charging

The Bad:

  • Average Battery Life

Spec Sheet

Bluetooth Version:: v5.0
Battery Life: 2 to 3 hours
Transmission Range: 10m

Price: $39.9

LK TEP TWS: Airpods Clone that won’t disappoint

This is a new generation replica of the actual AirPods. It is packed with the latest features: the pop out connection, just like the original AirPods. Fast and easy, simply take out the earbuds and a prompt will automatically appear on your phone to connect with a single touch.

New Features:

  • Auto pairing - NEW Pop up connect for iOS
  • 1:1 Replica of the AirPods
  • Enhanced bass/audio quality
  • Auto power on
  • Touch control
  • Binaural calls
  • Wireless charging

The Bad:

  • The Microphone is average

Price :$45.9

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