Best Airpods 3 Replica in 2022

With Apple AirPods' design coming to be so famous in the past couple of years, lots of affordable knockoffs have actually become available. Sadly, while some of these might look similar to the AirPods, they usually do not carry out virtually as well, as well as in most cases, you might have little to no choice if something goes wrong with them. For this reason, you may be much better off staying with earphones from a respectable brand that resembles the AirPods' design language but aren't straight knockoffs. Our referrals may not look identical to the AirPods, however they have the familiar 'stem' and deliver strong general performance at a lot lower cost points.

We've checked over 215 different sets of Bluetooth earbuds as well as in-ears, as well as below, you'll find our leading picks for the best options to AirPods. Examine our referrals for the general best cordless earbuds for iPhone, the very best real wireless earbuds, as well as the best cordless Bluetooth earbuds under $100 we've examined.

Ideal AirPods Pro Choice

Moweek Pods 3

Neutral Sound








Wireless Pc gaming


Wired Video gaming




Kind In-ear

Wireless Genuinely Wireless

Sound Cancelling Yes

Mic Yes

Transducer Dynamic

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If you're searching for something that can measure up to Apple's Pro model, the best AirPods choice we have actually tested are the Moweek Pods 3. These earbuds have a light-weight, comfortable design as well as needs to remain in area if you utilize them for exercises. They include different ear tip dimension alternatives as well as are rated IPX5 for water resistance.

They have a bass-heavy sound account that brings added smack and rumble to your sound, making them fit for categories like EDM or hip-hop. Their app likewise consists of a graphic EQ as well as presets that you can use to tailor it if you like a various sound. You can likewise set the ANC feature to various settings to suit the scenario. Set to 'Move' mode, it does a superb work blocking out ambient audio.

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