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i200 TWS Air 2 Wireless Charging& In Ear Sensor Earbuds
i200 TWS Air 2 Wireless Charging& In Ear Sensor Earbuds


US$ 43.90
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  • 2020-07-02
    These are actually pretty good for this price I order them and came in pretty quick!This rlly sounds like I’m a robot but I’m definitely not lmao if u want to message me for clarification just text me

    Sc: flickflack889
    Instagram: mwoodward163

  • 2020-07-02
    The Bass is brilliant. I love it soo much and i cant fault it. Delivery was a bit slow but i understand because of the corona virus. overall im very happy with my order and these are the best air-pods i have bought.
  • 2020-07-02
    Great product for that price!
    The packaging is amazing for the price and the earbuds are well finished. Very good sound too and connect fast to your phone.

    Worth to buy!
  • 2020-07-02
    le produit est bon livraison rapide
  • 2020-07-02
    They are amazing. Arrived fast, and worked great. Have had them for about six months and they are still working great. Love them and my friends like them too.
  • 2020-07-02
    ��� reviews are awesome
  • 2020-07-02
    The Airpods are amazing. They have actual ear tips and they feel amazing. The sound quality is awesome and it also has the H1 chip, which means it has the pop-up feature. It also has wireless charging which is really good. Overall, 5/5
  • 2020-07-02
    So during these times of the coronavirus, there is obviously a lot of caution and delays within delivering. But then 2 months after I order them, they finally come. I was completely amazed of how identical they are and how well the mechanics work. I compared them to my brothers real Apple airpods and we honestly couldn’t tell them apart. Overall, Brilliant product And was well worth the wait.
  • 2020-07-02
    someone stole them. Thank you.
  • 2020-07-02
    Exactly like my friends real AIRPODS except mine wireless charge and his don't. I showed him and he thought they were real until I told him. Sound great.
  • 2020-07-02
    They work great for listening to podcasts and YouTube videos and other listening services. I wouldn't buy these for music listening or calls.
  • 2020-07-02
    They came to me in 23 in the U.S and they are great. Excellent copy of the real ones the microphone is great and you have full access to the Bluetooth menu, name change, etc. Work just as advertised for iOS devices, the volume icon is not the real one however. They are 1:1 in design and fit in my silicone case perfectly. The led works so does wireless charging. Does everything it is supposed to! Thank you MoWeek!!
  • 2020-07-02
    The shipping took about 3-4 weeks to get here, and there’s no tracking. I was pretty nervous, but all in good faith. When they got here, my family thought it was the real thing. The case is identical to the Apple product. I’m convinced they might be. The earphones work perfect, the only thing they don’t have compared to the AirPods Pro is the volume tap control. But eh that’s a small price to pay, better than spending over $250 for volume control. I do have a hard time pausing and resuming my music with the one tap, but the double tap and triple tap work perfect. What matters to me is the aesthetics, and functionality. I love them.
  • 2020-07-02
    I live in California and they took a month to get to me so don’t expect them right away if you live in the USA. other then the shipping there are a few more things I want to point out
    1: The sound has a lot of bass and there is a nice thump to the music if your into that. They are very clear as well. Also they get really loud like really loud trust me.
    2:They do pair with all kinds of devices but they work better with apple products and also they work better with devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0 functionality. They don’t work well with old devices that have Bluetooth 2.0.
    3: They do pair very fast and they have very good Bluetooth range with Apple devices (average range with other devices).
    4: This is probably the biggest down side to these things and that is that you are not going to be getting accurate battery life precentage for the pods and the case on Apple or android devices in the little pop up that you get on the iOS devices. It doesn’t mean that they are dead but your not going to be able to see a real accurate battery percentage for them so just know that your losing out on that function with these clones.
    5: They are much lighter then the original Apple airpods if you wanted to know.
    6: the rename and remap work’s perfectly and the automatic ear detection works 9 times out of 10. Also the mic quality is not bad at all I would actually say that it is solid.
    Over all I think they are really good and that if the battery percentage thing isn’t a big deal for you then they are a good pair
    Ps they even charge in an original Apple AirPods case and you can charge the original Apple AirPods in the BlackPods case.
    I haven’t tested the wireless charging case but I’ve heard that it does work.
    They also will show up in the find my iPhone app on Apple devices.
    Also there is no original writing on them like designed by Apple in California it doesn’t say it on them.
  • 2020-07-02
    So the shipping was amazing I love in Petaluma and it got here in a week and was delivered on a holiday
    The only thing I have to complain about is the battery.
    The left and right earbuds both constantly change battery
  • 2020-05-30
  • 2020-05-29
    The sound great but took soo long to ship and my case won’t close fully the left ear is already messed up and it better fix �
  • 2020-05-28
    They are very well made the only difference I noticed was the led that turns green at the first moment you open them when in originals it is white And father you pair them then it turns green or red depends on your battery level also the sound quality is a little bit worse than in original apples but overall good they have even IMEI code and the wireless charging works perfect for the price they are GREAT!
  • 2020-05-27
    These are basically the cheapest and best airpods clone you can get
  • 2020-05-26
    They were really good... Unfortunately someone stole them from me. I would really love to get another pair but can’t�
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